Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet our Grills!

~ALLIE~ I have a Weber One Touch Silver: Heavy-duty plated steel cooking grate, 18.5 inch diameter cooking area, color: black

Ryan-I have a Green Egg, I love it! I cook on it at least twice a week. They have one for everyone's outdoor cooking needs with five sizes ranging from Mini to Extra Large. You can use the EGG® year around in all climates, even in freezing temperatures or during pouring rain. You will find it more versatile than any outdoor cooking appliance on the market, whether comparing it to gas or electric, because the EGG is a smoker, a grill and an oven all rolled into one. I can say I'm EGGdicted! and my goal is to become an EGG HEAD one day. (The Green EGG has a yearly festival and all of the "Egg Heads" have grilling contests) Sound fun? I sure does to me!

Do you like to grill? If so tell us about yours!


  1. Allie and Ryan, I love this blog...

  2. This sounds like a great adventure ladies! Last time I tried to grill half the dang thing caught on fire and my chicken was burned on the outside and raw on the inside. Clealry...I need help!!

  3. I love to grill!!! I have to admit though, I mostly use a *gasp* gas grill....ok, in my defence, you try to get a charcoal grill going in -20 degrees in January in Montana! Am I still allowed in the club????