Friday, August 28, 2009

Chicken Under Bricks

RUB: 1t kosher salt, 1 t granulated garlic, 1/2 t granulated onion, 1/4 t freshly cracked black pepper. You will also need: 1 whole chicken excess fat removed, oil, 1 cup of your favorite BBQ Sauce
In a small bowl mix the rub ingredients. Place chicken, breast side down on a cutting board using shears cut along each side of backbone and remove it. Open chicken like a book, using a sharp knife make a 1/2 inch deep incision in each joint to flatten the chicken as much as possible.

Season the chicken all lover with the rub
place the chicken skin side down over indirect heat. Place a baking sheet on the top of the chicken and weight it down with bricks. Grill until golden brown on the edges, 30 to 35 mins. Using pot holders, carefully remove the hot bricks and baking sheet. Flip chicken over and place over direct medium heat and grill until skin is golden brown all over, 5 to 10 mins.
Transfer chicken to cutting board and let rest for at last 5 mins before serving.
Cut the chicken into serving pieces and serve warm with BBQ sauce for dipping.
Hope you love this recipe. It's one of my favorites!

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  1. Allie, this looks so good! Maybe you can teach me how to debone a chicken! :)