Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grilled Chicken Quarters

Grilled chicken quarters are my staple weekend grilling item. They are cheap & and easy and so versatile to use all week long.

The marinade I use is: Worcestershire, Tabasco, red wine vinegar, a squirt or 2 of Dijon mustard to thicken it, fresh garlic, fresh cracked black pepper & smoked paprika. I make the marinade in a big ziplock bag and then add thawed chicken quarters to it. (if you like a sweeter flavor on your grilled chicken add honey or brown sugar to this marinade)

Squish all around the chicken and let marinade, the longer the better...overnight is best.

I grill them skin side down first and let the skin get real crispy. I personally don't eat the skin, so it's a great barrier for me to get my chicken nice and cooked through fast on the hottest part of the grill....And if the skin burns, who cares cause I throw it out anyway! If you are a chicken skin eater (no judgement here) just move the chicken to a cooler part of the grill.

That foil pack was fill of onions and garlic. Gosh, that is one of my favorite flavors. Yyyuuuummmm.
A lot of time I grill enough chicken to share with mom, and still have enough to bring in my lunch during the week. Leftover chicken also make great, BBQ chicken pizza, quesadillas, chicken salad etc for other dinners during the week.

The beautiful finished product. Be sure and send us a comment or email of the delicious stuff you grilled this weekend!

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  1. Allie, your pictures look so good, YUM YUM! I'm starved now :)