Friday, June 5, 2009

Chili-lime chicken thighs

Cast of Characters: Worcestershire, garlic, lime, hot sauce, chili powder, paprika & Lawry's season salt

Add Worcestershire to cover a shallow pan, then add juice of 2 limes, a few dashes of hot sauce depending on how spicy you like things, a couple of minced garlic cloves & a few shakes of the seasonings.
add chicken skin side down to marinade and completely cover in sauce
let marinade for about an hour
Make sure you shake off the excess marinade from chicken before you put on the grill to avoid flare ups! Add chicken skin side down and cover with lid and let cook, then flip and grill on other side.
Love that dark crunchy part!
Yummy finished product! I served with grilled zucchini for a well balanced dinner. YUM.

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  1. This sounds super good...I am going to make this tomorrow night....with grilled broccolli...Ken bought a grill for his b-day, so we have been trying to grill every week. We are going to be grilling all weekend, and two days next week too. :-)