Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Ten Tips For Making the Juiciest Burgers:

Don’t overwork your meat when mixing the ingredients.

Allow your patties to come to room temperature before cooking.

The higher the fat content in your meat, the juicier the burger.

Be gentle when forming patties…don’t use too much pressure. Like a pancake, don’t press down on the patties while cooking. Test doneness by touch. The firmer the burger is, the more well done it is.

Make sure one part of the grill it hot enough to sear the meat, and another warm enough to cook it. The first thing you want to do is sear it, this locks in all the juices. THEN move the patty to another part of the grill that is a lower temperature for cooking.

Turn your patties only ONCE.

Try a teaspoon of butter or your favorite herb butter in the middle of every patty. This will ensure juiciness.

After you have cooked your burgers, allow them to rest without cutting for 5 minutes.

Don’t forget about ground chicken as an option for a super juicy burger. (Note: you will need to add a binder of breadcrumbs to keep the burgers together for cooking)

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